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Low voltage Panelboards - BTM - Power and electricity distribution panelboards

BTM manufactures a large variety of power and electric distribution panelboards that bring versatility and easiness to the assembly.


We develop customized projects
Strict quality control NBR ISO 9001:2000
Meets the regulation NR10
Meets the regulation NBR 5410
Meets the regulation NBR - IEC 60439-1


Construction: Form 1, 2A e 2B (NBR - IEC 60439-1) (for other ways of construction, contact us). Structure in plate #12 MSG, outer covering in plate #14 MSG, and supports in plate #14 MSG (Galvanized).
Dimensions: Width 600 / 800 / 1000 mm. | Height: 2200mm + 100mm (Valance). | Depth 600/800/1000 mm.
Protection Level: IP-40 à IP54.
Nominal Voltage: 660V (for other voltage,
contact us).
Nominal Electric current:  up to 3150A (for other electric currents, contact us).
Symmetrical short-circuit electric current: 65kA (for other electric currents,
contact us).
Test Voltage of industrial frequency: 2500V.
External finishing: Munsell N6.5 - 80 microns | Internal/ External Use - 140 microns (for other colors, contact us).